The Facts


1.   The Founder of Ponte - Business Lawyers for Business has big 10 commercial and international law firm experience and is in a select group of approximately only 100 (or less than 1% of all) lawyers in the State of Victoria who have been accredited as specialists in Commercial Law by the Law Institute of Victoria.
2.    More importantly, we (are focussed on what we enjoy doing and do best and) do not practice outside our core Business Law areas of expertise.

       Our utmost priority is to add value to you and your business.
       In doing so, we are not afraid to (and will) tell you if we do not believe we will be able to add value or do not have expertise in a particular area.
       If you still wish us to act in that case in a general counsel capacity, we are not restricted to using the lawyer in the next office, but will seek the best specialist advice to assist us, irrespective of whether   that specialist advice is at a competitive law firm or not.
       Alternatively, we are happy to refer you to who we think is best to handle a particular matter for you. 
3.    We are also selective with whom we work.

        We only accept instructions from clients and referrers who we actually want to work with over the long term, as opposed to just seeing the dollars from a new set of instructions.
        In fact, we actually turn down more potential new clients than we accept.
4.    We regularly share clients with, and work across the table from, the big commercial law firms, and we are a true alternative to them in our areas of expertise.
5.    We also have lawyers or relationships with lawyers who are admitted to practice in New Zealand, the United States and Europe. 

        We are therefore well placed to assist Australian companies to do business overseas, and we also understand the issues overseas companies experience when they do business in Australia.
6.    We won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but will instead actually tell you what we think is best for you in the circumstances.

       That is not to say that we will not approach a matter in a manner requested by you.

       It is just important for you to know what we actually think, so that we can chart a course with you to achieve the best possible solution taking into account our advice and your needs and requirements.